Author(s): Jaya Moon
Series: The Ascension of Meghan May
Book Number: 3
This series is completed
Release Date: 7th Oct 2021

Genre Paranormal Burn Slow Form Angels Store Availability Kindle Unlimited
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"On the rooftop of Heaven's Gate, you said next time I need to do something 'badly', I do it with you or I don't do it at all. This is something I need to do more than anything else. Will you help me? Please?"

"That was before you pushed me off the rooftop and pointed a gun at me."

All Meghan May wants is her happily ever after, but until the war between the Fallen and kin end, that will never be anything but a dream. She doesn’t want to live a life on the run. She can’t open herself up to love when dangers surround her; dangers that could take away those who have touched her heart. But will the key to unlocking her happiness destroy all hope of the one thing she desperately wants?

Has Meghan pushed Tallow, Mox, and Abriel too far?

Will trying to end the war cost her more than she wanted to lose, including her life?

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