Author(s): Jaya Moon
Series: The Ascension of Meghan May
Book Number: 2
This series is completed
Release Date: 5th Oct 2020

Genre Paranormal Burn Slow Form Angels Store Availability Kindle Unlimited
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“Just like allies can be found in unlikely places so, too, can foes.”

Sent away by Tallow for her “own good,” Meghan May vows to return to her old life. A routine of eat, work, sleep, and repeat. Any connection she had with Tallow, Mox, and Abriel is over. She was never meant to be part of their lives or Tallow’s world.

There are kin, however, who have other ideas.

Faced with new threats, Meghan seeks refuge with those Tallow has warned her against. But who is the real enemy?

New truths are revealed. Old truths shattered.

Who can she trust when nothing is as it seems?

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