Beauty Becomes the Beast

Author(s): Trina M. Lee 
Series: Alexa O'Brien Huntress
Book Number: 20
Release Date: 26th Aug 2022

Genre Urban Fantasy Trope Enemies to Lovers Trope Fated Mates Trope Friends to Lovers Store Availability Kindle Unlimited
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I did what The Circle of the Veil asked me to do, and now I’m stuck in one of their prisons.

My power is what made me Circle elite. Now it’s the reason I’m locked up. I hunted their rebels, but when I proved how volatile and dangerous I now am they used it against me. After forcing me to fight demons for the entertainment of others, The Circle offers me a chance at freedom. But it comes with a price. They have another job for me to do, one greater than anything they’ve thrown at me yet.

I’m sick of their games and manipulations. The Circle of the Veil will regret the day they made me their enemy.

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