Sinister Pretty

Author(s): Trina M. Lee 
Series: Alexa O'Brien Huntress
Book Number: 11
Release Date: 17th Feb 2017

Genre Urban Fantasy Trope Enemies to Lovers Trope Fated Mates Trope Friends to Lovers Store Availability Kindle Unlimited Store Availability Paperback
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With the approach of the full moon my unease grows.

It won't be long until the curse on my wolf manifests. Pain and suffering is just the beginning of what Shya has in store. Unfortunately, he's not the only one with sinister intentions. The FPA wants more of my hybrid blood for their twisted experiments and they aren't above playing dirty to get it.

As vampires and werewolves go missing, it becomes increasingly clear that the government op is up to something shady. Now the vampires and werewolves who've been at odds with one another will have to work together to help me take back our city. If only it were that simple.

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