Into the Mysts

Author(s): M. Susan Potter 
Series: Pathfinder Duet
Book Number: 2
This series is completed
Release Date: 11th Jun 2024
The average rating for this book is 5 out of 5

Trigger Warning Unknown Trigger Warning Violence
Genre Fantasy Build Medium Build Harem Size Medium Harem (5 or 6) Form Elves Form Shifters POV 3rd Person POV POV Multiple POV Age FMC in their 30s Store Availability Kindle Unlimited Action Harem Evolves Over Time Magic
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Rowena and her guys have made it to Aurellia, but getting through the wards around the Mystic Kingdom might be more complicated than they anticipated. The fleet is running low on supplies, and there has been no response to their messages. If they can make it into the Mystic Kingdom and contact the Aurellians, there will be an invasion to plan, treaties to negotiate, and dragons to contact.
On the personal front, Ro is nervous about reconnecting with her family who are hopefully alive and well, find and fall in love with her final consort, as well as learn more magic.
She and the guys also need to try to coordinate an alliance with Aurellia, Elvea, and Goblena. Another item on the to do list is finding a way to communicate with the conquered kingdoms of Sabre and Morphos. It’s a lot to contend with, and Rowena feels like she’s on a deadline.

Notes from the author

I wouldn't call this a dark read, but there is more violence in the conclusion of the Pathfinder duet since Ro and her guys are going to war. Please check the triggers. No well-known characters die, nor are there graphic depictions. 

I hope you have even half as much fun reading it as I did writing it and will take the time to leave a review.

Thank you, M. Susan Potter

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