Kings of Madness

Author(s): Maddison Cole
Series: All My Pretty Psychos
Book Number: 2
This series is completed
Release Date: 4th Feb 2022
Trigger Warning Death Trigger Warning Self Harm Trigger Warning Unknown
Genre Paranormal Form Demons Form Ghosts Store Availability Kindle Unlimited Dark

Deprived beings without genetic mutations make the worst saviours.

I was wrong. So very wrong. I used to think love was a weakness, but now I draw on its strength to survive. Too bad I’m more alone than ever. Deemed useless by the deranged owner of Afterlife Asylum, every step I now take in the human world is a struggle. With a bitter chill gnawing at my bones, refusing to let me sleep, I long for the fires of the underworld. Although, I know from the chasm residing in my chest, those are not the fires I’m longing for.

Stuck between two worlds and not a part of either, I keep grappling onward with one goal in mind - save Hoax. Hell is my salvation, but I can’t be at peace with my adoptive demon mother until I see this through. Yet with Pyro still trapped and no way to help him, I must turn to the irritating prick who has always hated me and abandoned us in our hour of need. Always ready with a sarcastic answer and condescending smirk, I’ll need to work with Ghost to help free his brothers, no matter the cost. I’m on my last life. I have to make this one count.

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