Narcotize: House of Mermaids

Author(s): TB Mann 
Series: Wicked Reform School
Book Number: 2
Release Date: 7th May 2020

Genre Paranormal Form Mermaids Store Availability Kindle Unlimited

What happens when doing good, also requires becoming evil?

Celestia, first born daughter of mermaid royalty, was ripped away from her loving mother. The conch shell birthmark on her shoulder guaranteed that. But it’s her power and dark family secret that keeps her an outcast.

A sentence to the Wicked Reform School is both a blessing and a curse even if the only way out is to graduate or die. Not great odds for someone who hates being wicked.

When an escape attempt goes wrong, Noah and Liam, two humans, rescue her. Or at least she thought they were human. Could everything she knows be wrong? 

Not wanting her to be alone, Noah and Liam enlist their undercover partners, Jaxyten and Kairo to keep an eye on her. Alliances are key to survival. And the key to destruction.

To survive, the game must be played. If not, death hangs in the balance.

Together the five are ready to turn the world upside down and buck the system. But first they need to stay alive.

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