Ruling Darkness

Author(s): Laney Powell
Series: Academy of the Underworld
Book Number: 3
This series is completed
Release Date: 11th Mar 2020

Genre Paranormal Trope Academy Form Demons Form Reapers Form Sirens Form Vampires Form Witches, Warlocks & Mages Age FMC College Age (University) Store Availability Kindle Unlimited
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When evil demons need something, blood is thicker than water. 

I thought getting Xavier back was the solution to all of our problems, but it turns out that the demon from Hell, Rafael, has other plans. Oh yeah, and Rafael? He’s claiming to be my father. Which explains some things—like how he’s able to torment me in my dreams.

When a visit to my real dad leaves me with more questions than answers, I find myself reeling because I can’t tell what’s true anymore. I’m hanging on by my fingernails. Without Carrick, Mikhail, Devin and Xavier—my rocks—I might just lose it. They’re the only sure things in my life right now. Maybe with them, I have a chance to get out of this alive.

I still don’t know what Rafael wants the damn stone for. My mom is the one who stole it from him in the first place and it cost her everything. If I don’t get it back to him, I risk the same fate. 


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