Author(s): C.M. Stunich
Series: The Academy of Spirits and Shadows
Book Number: 1
Release Date: 20th Jan 2018
The average rating for this book is 3.67 out of 5

Trigger Warning Death
Genre Paranormal Harem Size Medium Harem (5 or 6) Trope Academy Trope Friends to Lovers Form Angels Form Ghosts POV 1st Person POV POV Multiple POV Tense Present Store Availability Audiobook Store Availability Kindle Unlimited Store Availability Paperback Harem Evolves Over Time Other Woman Drama
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Brynn of Haversey is a spirit whisperer—a person blessed with the ability to see and speak to the dead. In the country of Amerin, she's one of a select few with magical gifts known as whisperers.

Every year, the Royal College accepts a small number of new students, all magically inclined, all whisperers. Competition is brutal and the classes, nearly impossible to pass for a half-breed angel with two left feet and a massive pair of black feathered wings.

Oh, and especially if she brings her six ghostly boyfriends with her to the academy (including the recently deceased crown prince, a master thief hanged for his crimes, and a former student of the Royal College). What kind of spirit whisperer is Brynn of Haversey if she can't exorcise her own soulmates? But Brynn isn't attending the most prestigious academy in the world to become a better exorcist—she's searching for a way to bring her lovers back to life …

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