Valkyrie's Claim

Author(s): Angel Lawson
Series: Academy of Immortals
Book Number: 2
This series is completed
Release Date: 26th Nov 2019

Genre Urban Fantasy Harem Size Medium Harem (5 or 6) Trope Academy Form Gods & Goddesses Store Availability Kindle Unlimited

The Academy of Immortals is more than a school, it's the starting point for an epic battle.

Five Sexy Immortal Warriors, One Disgraced Valkyrie, Lucifer's Son, a powerful Vampire Princess, and countless other Royal Immortals are tossed in an Academy prepared to fight in a war manipulated by the Gods.

The big question is…which side are they playing for Good or Evil?

And who can Hildi trust?

Agis, the God of Death?
Marshal, the Knight that betrayed her?
Armin, the loyal Warrior?
Rupert, the transformed Prince?
Miya, the corrupted Samauri?
And who the hell is the Winged Lover that comes to her in the night?

Hildi must find out which of the warriors are her true allies, both on the battlefield and in her bed. Even when she thinks she knows, the gods have other plans for those at the Academy of the Immortals, but even they can’t twist the hands of fate.

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