Blackmailing the Prez's Ol' Lady

Author(s): Quinn Ryder
Series: Lewd Outlaws MC
Book Number: 2
This series is completed
Release Date: 7th Oct 2022
Trigger Warning Blood/Gore Trigger Warning Cheating in the Harem Trigger Warning Cheating out of the Harem Trigger Warning Death Trigger Warning Rape Trigger Warning Rape - in Character's past Trigger Warning Violence
Genre Contemporary Kink Group Sex Trope MC Trope Revenge Store Availability Kindle Unlimited Dark
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Shasta Hall is the epitome of perfection.

It’s why every guy in the club wanted her, including me, and after discovering her committing the ultimate sin, I took the opportunity by the horns to get what I always wanted—Shasta.

Blackmailing her into sleeping with me wasn’t something I was proud of, but it awakened something inside of her that had the rest of the club salivating to get their turn.

But a woman like Shasta shouldn’t be left unsatisfied, and as the club’s SGT at Arms, it’s my duty to make sure all property is protected, even if that means protecting her from our own Prez. Now all I had to do was keep her busy, invoking my “Hall” pass once and for all, and showing the tantalizing brunette that she didn’t need Sabbath or anyone else to keep her satisfied; she just needed me.

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