Room Six: Breathlessly Devoted to Them

Author(s): Ember Davis
Series: Club Sin: Chicago
Book Number: 6
Release Date: 6th Jun 2022

Genre Contemporary Harem Size Small Harem (3 or 4) POC Authors - Black Store Availability Kindle (Non-KU) Gamer
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I knew my ex was going to break my heart the moment I met him, but I did it anyway. Story of my life. I need to heed the signs when life gives them to me. I’m so mixed up I’m not sure if I can trust my instincts anymore.

When three best friends I know from playing online swoop into my life, I don’t know if I can trust what my body wants from them. There’s no way the three of them want me. My stupid heart is just itching to be hurt again, but I won’t let it.

We can have a little fun, but that’s all it will ever be. Until I become breathlessly devoted to the men I never saw coming, the things they do to my body and the desires they unlock inside of me. When things start to fall apart and my heart is on the line, will they let me go or will they show me who I truly am?

We’ve bided our time, obsessed with our little gaming mermaid and everything about her. When she’s dumped by a guy who never deserved her, we see our chance to make her ours. I have a plan and it’s time to put it in motion. Ariel will find out she’s not the only one devoted to this; we’ll do anything to keep her.

Ariel’s voice is like a siren song and for far too long it was the only thing we could claim as ours. I’ve been accused of being too intense. I hope I’m not the one who scares her off. The things we can show her will take her breath away. I can’t wait to show her my need for victory doesn’t stop at the game console. Capturing her is the ultimate win and I never lose.

Solid and steady is what our girl needs. Ariel needs to trust us to be everything she needs. She needs to know she can lean on me. I’ll be her rock as we share our girl between us. She’s the center we’ve always needed, and nothing is going to change it, not even her. When she runs scared, I know it’s her devotion to us which will bring her back. 

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